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UV Colour Changing Rhinestones Pink - 3mm | 4mm | 5mm (28g)

UV Colour Changing Rhinestones Pink - 3mm | 4mm | 5mm (28g)

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UV Colour Changing Jelly Rhinestones

Jelly resin rhinestones which react to any UV source, it doesn't have to be a bright summers day for these stones to magically change colour - if there's enough UV outside they'll magically transfer into the colour Pink.

Whilst out of UV rays these stones appear opaque/clear.

How do they work?

Unlike Glow In The Dark or UV (Bluelight) rhinestones these do not require any charge and will simply react once in daylight, our photos / videos were taken on a cloudy day so along as there is sufficient UV rays these stones will magically transform (you don't need the sun to be out!) - obviously for best results direct sunlight will provide a more vibrant colour, whilst in UV rays these stones will keep the colour too!

How many stones are in a 28g (1oz) bag?

Depending on the size of rhinestones selected you can expect to receive anywhere from 1,500 (5mm), 2,000 (4mm) & 2,500 (3mm) individual stones per bag.


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