What is UV DTF?

It is a new printing method that produces great quality and extra durable designs on ready to apply transfer paper the meaning of UV DTF is:  UV (Ultraviolet) DTF (Direct to film).  Whilst it provides amazing designs with texture, 3D feel & durability it means it comes at a small cost, you need to be extra careful when applying UV DTF's, when they are stuck....they're stuck and if not applied correctly you'll rip the design when removing - you essentially get one chance.

How is it made?

UV DTF is created using Ultraviolet printers which have been around for a while mainly for larger scale works such as signs, posters and more.   However recently it has been adapted to be able to print made to order prints for various surfaces including fabric!  The actual process uses special inks that are formulated to dry extremely quick when under a UV light - a bit how when you have your nails done they ask you to sit for 5 minutes under a UV lamp, it's the same process - they print the design to the film and cure it quick under UV light.

Because of this process it means you can achieve more vibrant images/prints whilst not impacting durability.

Can I use it on anything?

You sure can, our UV DTF prints are created just for hard surfaces but providing the area is cleaned correctly you can cut any of our designs into small parts and apply on a wide range of products - not just cups!

How do I care for UV DTF

Whilst not in use (i.e not applied) please keep out of direct sunlight and avoid the designs being stored in a too hot or too cold place.

Once applied we recommend against using in a dishwasher, just hand wash only, also do not soak the cups with DTF applied.


Q. 'The wrap isn't coming away easily or is getting stuck in parts, what should I do?.'

A. This can be completely normal for UV DTF, the key is to be extra careful and slow when pulling the transfer away.  What you are applying is more durable than any vinyl you've used before, UV DTF is truly permanent and long lasting.  If you feel you are struggling we recommend heating the area slightly to aid the glue and enable you to pull away easier, we also recommend pulling the tape away at a angle whilst holding with one hand (A little like when you pull away cut vinyl from a cutting mat).

Q. 'The wrap is on the cup but its lifting away from the edges of the design.'

A.  This would mean the application has been unsuccessful, potentially wasn't rubbed enough before removing the transfer tape or the surface prep wasn't done correctly.

Q. 'The wrap seems brittle and flakey, what should I do?'

A. This is normal for UV DTF, essentially what you are applying is cured UV ink and if the design/wrap hasn't been applied correctly either on initial application or when removing the transfer tape this can cause the design not to stick correctly and act brittle (flakey), or crack.   If you notice any of this we recommend immediately stopping the application and repeating step 3.   It is also important to remove the transfer backing slowly from the surface, UV DTF will rip (flake) easily if pulled too fast or hard.


  1. Cup featured in the images are NOT included.
  2. We are not responsible for wraps being applied incorrectly, being applied to an alternative brand cup or an alternative brands DTF being applied to one of our cups.  Please ensure you are confident and have researched the application process correctly before attempting.
  3. Sizes of cups will vary by brand, all our DTF prints have been designed against our own cups, should you wish to apply to cups other than our own some small tweaking may be required.
  4. Physical DTF image colours may vary vs our mock up this is due to difference screens and resolutions.
  5. We do not accept returns or exchanges for DTF prints, each designs 'print run' is manually tested by us before listing to the store.
  6. We recommend against using DTF on textured surfaces such as frosted or shimmer cans, also please spend extra time if applying to sublimation blanks and ensure the DTF has adhered correctly before pulling away the transfer tape, if done incorrectly these can cause the sublimation coating to come away.
  7. As with everything sometimes designs can look a different shade on different devices screens and computers, we have tried to show a real representation of colours for every design where possible but please allow for some tolerances which are unavoidable due to different device screens colour range.