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Teckwrap 10x A4 Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - Mystery

Teckwrap 10x A4 Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - Mystery

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10x A4 Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

By purchasing this Teckwrap Mystery Pack you will receive 10x A4 Permanent Adhesive vinyl sheets completely at random, we will always aim to provide you different styles but we will not send you the same colour/type twice.

What styles can I get in my mystery bundle?

We have the following, but not limited to:

001M, 001G, Burst Glitter, Glitter, Opal, Holographic, Stripes, Sparkle, Reflective, Textured, Rainbow, Bubble Free, Mirror Chrome, Satin, Colourful Pearl, Glow In The Dark, Colour Change, Glass Flower, Patterned.

Can I save by purchasing this bundle?

Absolutely! That's the whole point of this mystery bundle, if you like surprises and also saving some money then this is for you - or if you just want to try out some Teckwrap then this is for you too!
Each bundles value if purchased separately is worth approx £16-£17!

Anything else I need to know?

All A4 sheets are brand new, some may include protective covering so please ensure you check and remove before cutting.

We have also labelled every sheet (on the reverse) so you know which style you've received - incase you need more in the future!


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accommodate special requests for certain vinyl, also if ordering multiple ‘mystery packs’ you could receive the same style or packs more than once - This is due to our mystery 10 packs being pre-packed directly from Teckwrap.



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Absolutely love the surprise 🧡