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Medium Acrylic Ice Cubes - Cabochons (Pack of 50 - 35g)

Medium Acrylic Ice Cubes - Cabochons (Pack of 50 - 35g)

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Medium Acrylic Imitation Ice

Make the tumbler or craft of your dreams using our acrylic ice cubes, these are perfect to be combined with any of our cabochons including our faux fruit range!

The ice cubes are created to be irregular in shape to give you the perfect 'realistic' look for your crafts, no one placement is the same!

Details of the ice cubes

Sizes of each ice cube is approx 1.1cm x 1.4cm

Material: Acrylic

We have weighed these into 35g bags which will give you approx 50 individual ice cubes.

How many do I need to create a lid?

For a rough idea you will need 30x small or if mixing with the large size (like our image) you will need 8x small & 20x large,  we have tested this on a glass can lid.

We recommend using Resin or Gem-Tac to apply.




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