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Pretty Pinks - Rhinestone & Pearl Bling Box (90g)

Pretty Pinks - Rhinestone & Pearl Bling Box (90g)

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Red & Pinks Rhinestone & Pearl Bling Box 

This box is a perfect box for anyone looking for small details with a saving, it features a mixture Rhinestones & Faux Half Pearls with the theme of 'Love'.

All our boxes are packed into a plastic reusable clip carry case and can be used over and over again.  This type of size box you can expect to use to create 2-3 bling lids or maybe use for small detail such as replacement car keys, lanyard ID badges and more!

What's included in each box?

You'll receive a 90g* combined total weight of gems!  

  • 10mm Baby Pink AB Pearls
  • 5mm Baby Pink AB Rhinestones
  • 5mm Barbie Pink AB Rhinestones
  • 5mm Siam Clear Red Rhinestones
  • 8mm Siam Red AB Pearls
  • 8mm Pink Pearls
  • 8mm Barbie Pink AB Pearls

What's does AB mean?

AB is the type of coating on a particular stone or gem and refers to the full name Aurora Borealis which is a iridescent coating applied to each individual rhinestone or gem and gives a higher shimmer/reflection to each stone.  The name Aurora Borealis (AB) is taken directly from the name for the Northern Lights! 

    * All weights / quantities may vary +/- Please allow for slight colour differences due to each device screen can look a little different to the real product.

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