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Poison Apple | UV DTF Wrap

Poison Apple | UV DTF Wrap

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This wrap can be used on any surface, the specific measurement is designed for a 24oz Cold Cups Can however if you wish to use this design on smaller cups, glasses,  or bottles then some small adjustments will be needed.

  • Permanent Adhesive Vinyl
  • Weatherproof
  • Gloss Finish
  • Slight 3D raised finished
  • Extra durable Vs traditional Vinyl
  • DO NOT put the finished cup in the dishwasher
  • Please note: The white background part of the design on the image is clear when peeled

Each UV DTF (Ultra Violet Direct To Film) simply requires the backing to be peel away leaving the design on the transfer tape - simply apply parts or all of the design as you would with any normal vinyl.

We recommend using a flat head squeegee to press against the design to ensure it has adhere to the surface correctly, as always (like vinyl) we recommend at least 24 hours to allow the glue to cure to the surface too.

Our prints are designed with 24oz Cold Cups in mind however do note that not all cold cups have the same circumference and some slight alterations may be required depending on the size used.  We are not responsible for any wraps which are applied incorrectly (which includes damages) during application.

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