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Pastel Pink Letter Beads (Pack of 200)

Pastel Pink Letter Beads (Pack of 200)

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Flatback Acrylic Alphabet Letter Beads - Solid Pastel Pink

Our letter beads are perfect for all types of projects whether creating personalised sunglasses, bracelets or even cups!

The beads themself are flatback on each side and contain an imprinted letter on both sides too, size of the bead is approx 4.7mm.

Each pack comes with approximately 200 individual letter beads ranging from A-Z, you should expect to receive at minimum the same letter at least 8 times, we have also focused on offering more vowels and consonants to ensure your beads go a long way!

Material: 100% acrylic.

We recommend using Beacon Gem-Tac for applying these to your projects:

Gem-Tac (5ml, 59ml & 118ml)

Please note: whilst our packs aim to deliver multiple of the same letters we cannot guarantee the total amount per letter, per pack.

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