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Starry Glitter Rhinestones - Bling Box (170g)

Starry Glitter Rhinestones - Bling Box (170g)

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Clear Jelly Glitter Rhinestones Bling Box

Our Starry rhinestones are absolute beauties!  The stones themselves are clear, flat base - but what sets these apart from other stones in they have colourful glitter embedded inside every single stone which give them the unique colour and sparkle, these rhinestones are truly gorgeous.

All rhinestones are packed into a reusable carry clip case.  Buying one of our boxes not only provides you a wide variety but also a saving too - each boxes weight if bought separate is £15!

What's included in each box?

All of the below are included in a 15 cell rhinestone reusable case, approx weight per cell is 11.2g*

  • Starry Amethyst - 5mm
  • Starry Amethyst - 4mm
  • Starry Amethyst - 3mm
  • Starry Pink - 5mm
  • Starry Pink - 4mm
  • Starry Pink - 3mm
  • Starry Silver - 5mm
  • Starry Silver - 4mm
  • Starry Silver - 3mm
  • Starry Citrine - 5mm
  • Starry Citrine - 4mm
  • Starry Citrine - 3mm
  • Starry Peacock - 5mm
  • Starry Peacock - 4mm
  • Starry Peacock - 3mm

Each case comes with 11,000 Rhinestones*! Total Rhinestone Weight 170g (Approx) of Glow In The Dark goodness!

* All weights / quantities may vary +/- Please allow for slight colour differences due to each device screen can look a little different to the real product.   Please remember that all glow in the dark items also require a 'charge'.  Simply leaving out in the daylight for a few minutes or under a lamp will do!
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