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Glow In The Dark Mica Powder - Blue (1oz, 28g Jar)

Glow In The Dark Mica Powder - Blue (1oz, 28g Jar)

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These powders are perfect for crafts involving liquids, like acrylics or any type of solution. During the day, the object will have its regular color, and emit a vibrant glow in the dark at night.

No extra color-changing materials are needed. We have tested these in 16oz and 24oz snow globes and suggest the following amounts: 5g-8g for the 16oz and 8g-12g for the 24oz (higher the gram, the more vibrant the colour/glow).

Remember UV light or natural sunlight is needed for glow in the dark products to work fully. It's best to mix the required quantity of powder directly in the solution before filling your snowglobes; however, the powder may settle over time (like glitter) and needs to be shaken for a vibrant glow.

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