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24oz Cold Cup Seconds [PLEASE READ]

24oz Cold Cup Seconds [PLEASE READ]

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24oz Cold Cup Colour
We receive hundreds if not thousands of deliveries throughout the year and as well as our factory checking products before shipping we also like to check too to ensure you receive the best quality product.
Sometimes things slip through the net and upon our checks we find something isn't up to par so we decide not to sell them, usually we recycle them but this seems a waste as a lot of them are pretty minor (imperfections) - so we have decided to create a listing with some bargain seconds which we will continue to update as and when.
Common imperfections you will find when purchasing these:
• Light, small markings (i.e small scratches) - By small we refer to something less than 1cm.
• Colour dotting - This is where in the production process some residue of a previous colour is present on the cup (i.e red), this can be very minimal (2mm to 1cm),  The colour of the cup may also be a slightly different shade to our standard cups. 
• Lid tightness - whilst not an imperfection, we just wasn't happy with the fit of the lids, cold cup lids are meant to be tight and secure however we found these to be a little too tight.
• Any marking is isolated i.e not all over the cup, maybe just appears once or twice.
Important Info
• This sale won't include cracked or chipped products
• Each cup comes with the matching lid & straw
• We consider each cup usable and the imperfections minimal that any vinyl design would cover any markings - we have inspected each and every one.
All sales are final.
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