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Teckwrap Tweezer

Teckwrap Tweezer

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TeckwrapCraft Tweezer is a highly essential clasping and weeding tool for vinyl application. It is an ideal instrument for beginners and professionals for weeding vinyl decals, installing vinyl film into deep recesses and removing excess film from tricky areas. It facilitates the process of removing the excess vinyl from lettering or a design that has been cut on the cutter/plotter.

The 4-inch rainbow coloured tweezer made with powder coated stainless steel has a sharp, pointed tip that makes it easy for grabbing and removing excess material from intricate patterns without hassle. Anti-corrosion and rust proof, it comes in a durable storage box that can be easily carried around.

For effective use and removing all unwanted pieces, simply dig the point of your tool into the corner of the piece to be removed and lift it away. Look for the centres of letters like “a” and “e” and the interior of the design from which excess material has to be removed.  This tool can also help place small pieces onto your design.

The TeckwrapCraft tweezer is perfect for adhesive vinyl, paper craft, sewing, lettering, sketch and basic craf

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