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Teckwrap Motel Keyrings Khaki - 5 Pack

Teckwrap Motel Keyrings Khaki - 5 Pack

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Identical keychains are highly imperative and a necessary business expense for owners of motels and hotels if they do not have an electronic key system. They are important in creating an organized method for identifying keys for the different rooms. At Teckwrap Craft, you can buy identical blank keychains made up of durable plastic that will last for a long time.

Our blank motel keychains are shaped like a rhombus and come with a stainless steel key ring. They are available in different shades enhancing your options such as nude, pink, sky blue, teal, black, carnation yellow and so on. Since they are blank, they can be imprinted with the logo of your business or you can transfer any design on them using the vinyl of your choice. There are numerous choices available in vinyl sheets making your key chain different from others.

Our blank motel keychains are not only for motel and hotel owners. There can be many creative uses for it depending on how artistic you are. They can be personalized with an exquisite design using vinyl and can be used as party favors. If it is a theme party, they can be made to match the concept and given to guests. If you do not want to use them as keychains, their key rings can be removed and they can be transformed into beautiful pendants or necklace. You can also make them into ornaments, especially the glitter ones, for Christmas or simple home decoration. They can also be made into backpack tags to add bling or a simple personal touch to your bag. For creative designers, the sky is the limit!


  • They are shaped like a rhombus.
  • Colors available: Nude, pink, sky blue, teal, white, black, carnation yellow, lavender, clear,  glitter, glitter purple, pastel pink, red, orange, barbie pink, bold pink, purple, light khaki green, lime and grass green.
  • A single set contains five blank motel keychains( same color).
  • You can easily write or paint on them or decorate them with a vinyl decal.
  • They can be used as keychains, pendants, bag tags and ornaments.


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