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Rhinestone Scatter Mystery Box (6 Packs) + Gem Tray

Rhinestone Scatter Mystery Box (6 Packs) + Gem Tray

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Rhinestone Scatter Mystery Box

Love a surprise? Spoilt for choice? Or maybe looking for a saving and happy with whatever you get! Well, this mystery box is for you!

We've also created these boxes so they can fit through the letter box if purchased alone - which means you save on postage too!

What is a CraftyCupSupply mystery box?

A mystery box from us is just that, you pick which quantity box you would like and we handle the rest.  Each box is uniquely picked at random prior to dispatch.

What comes in the box?

Depending on what size box you select you can expect the below configuration

  • 6 Pack - 6x 28g Rhinestone Scatters picked at random, 1x white gem tray. (£13.00 if purchased separately)

Our rhinestone scatter mixes focus on just one colour, each mix includes rhinestone sizes 2/3/4/5/6mm

Can I request a colour to be included or excluded?

Sure, whilst we cannot promise we can accommodate we will try our best where possible, during busy periods we often 'prepack' our boxes in advice.  Once your order is placed please advise us immediately via e-mail

Take a look at our Rhinestone scatter collection to get feel for what you might get!


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